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March 25, 2011


Jeff Markus

Round 2 having lost the first (more eloquent) when I attempted to correct some spelling...that won't happen again...I may look like I'm not smarter than a 5th grader but editing is out of the question.
Congratulations Robin the hope of a new generation can spin a new outlook, but as you noted we must shade the future in the dirty glasses of our recent past.
Just as 19th century London wallowed in the effluent of the coal used to heat, cook and power its new industrial technology so are we still covered in the ash and toxics from coal powered plants.
And worse some of the slow crawl into newer technology has been more potentially dangerous and now even threatens our very existance in the nuclear threat.
So strive we must to continue the search for each step up the ladder of cleaner, safer power (for there will always be another step) and the struggle to achieve more with less expended energy which will ease the pressures as we develope a better tomorrow.
Psst Robin you don't look old enuf to be a Grandmother...)
The Chicagoan

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