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Garvin Jabusch

Anyone interested in this topic may want to read a NYT article posted this afternoon. Good insight into why China is pursuing renewable energy so aggressively: they plan to double their economic output by 2020, and they understand that that will not be possible using only oil.



Wonderful except on China's progress in cleantech! Had no idea they were investing $1.5 Trillion, WOW. Big ups to the Chinese, and hopefully, we will go from 1/20th of this, to 1/10?

Garvin Jabusch

Thanks for the feedback LeighAnne. Obviously this has become a hot button issue. Not only did I write this post because cnbc's interviewing me for their article on the toic got me going, but two days after I posted this, the NYT ran a very insightful "Room for Debate" article on the same subject: http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2011/01/18/can-the-us-compete-with-china-on-green-tech

Garvin Jabusch

Another interesting read for those interested in staying current with this topic.


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China and its industries are leading the world nowadays, and apparently there is not much the USA can do about it. Cost production in China cannot be compared to the one in the United States or any other wester country.

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