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Elena Storino

I am so happy we are finally beginning to take care of our home, the earth.

Kay Cole

I find it discouraging that your fund is only available to those with a large amount to invest. You are discouraging a large block of your supporters by setting such a high investment level. Those of us who are not well-off would like to invest in green technologies also - yet another road block!

John McLuckie, Ph.D.

The truth is that the movement to green energy will be very, very slow until you education the public. This is a vital task but simple to implement through public education! Low dollars, teacher training, equipment samples, and a mandate from the Dept of Education that all students must pass a test for High School graduation on green energy. That is more important than all the direct grants to purchase systems.

Need some help - call me. I talk for free. Please send me an email address and I will send you a couple items.

John McLuckie, Ph.D. 760-207-9653
Fort Collins, CO 80526

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