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I agree, in resolving the political turmoil, the solution/ leadership regime needs to emphasize on technology and innovation in the clean tech arena. Are there existing solar or wind companies that exist in North Africa already? What about the other countries mentioned that have democracy in the region, are they succeeding in the new economy?

Garvin Jabusch

Jordan’s King Abdullah II described economic reform as a “necessity to provide a better life for our people, but we won’t be able to attain that without real political reforms, which must increase popular participation in the decision making.” Abdullah’s statement also called for an “immediate revision” of the laws governing politics and public freedom. Hopefully this indicates real reform.

jake raden

I think the Mid East unrest is the most interesting, awesome thing to happen to the world in a long, long time. You mention terrorism, which is literally a direct result of petro-imperialism in the area on behalf of countries like the US. I sincerely hope new leadership comes in, kicks out the US puppets, start hording the oil and driving the prices up, so we can get this next economy soiree started for real in the West.

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Egypt is now recovering from the remnants of the last administration.

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