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Are you not excited about waves? They go 24/7, something like 90% of the worlds population lives on coastline, and are pretty darn predictable. It has it's challenges, but so does everything else.

I love solar, I'm OK with wind (it's just only reliable a few places), and I'm hot for geothermal (pun fully intended). Also, hopefully you've slated some further blogs on the massively important but often overlooked technologies for energy sequestration, ie what do you do with all that solar energy so you can use it at night? Or perhaps even more importantly, how do you harness all that energy to get a plane to fly? Cars have batteries, but even cars drive at night, so solar recharging stations won't always cut the mustard (really big capacitors?). This is mostly rhetorical since I know you already think about these things, but I'm interested to read about them.


PS: How do you feel about Thorium nuclear for low/no radiation and waste fission power?

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