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Portfolio Analysis

Thanks, will definitely keep an eye out on this sector.

LaRoy and Mary Seaver1

For one who is concerned about the welfare of the planet and its people and had tried to be a socially conscious investor, Green Alpha is exciting news.


Now they will change the tune and get pesronal in their replies.They havent put their political philosophy in these website. But vinavu's is much inclined towards chinese or USSR or kind of flavor of communism.So when you question about Uligur Muslims (Xinhuag province), Tibet, Taiwan Tienanmen Square, internet search engine restriction, stalin legacy, right to speech in Communist countries either they go pesronal or just parrot it is capitalist conspiracy. 2 or 3 out of 51 Muslim nations is democratic and they have harsh rules against minority. (eg., blashphemy rule pakistan )These two angels come here and question the integrity of Indians! They talk loud about kashmir why still a azad kashmir hasnt been created out of non-India occupied kashmir and akshai chin? Do you think you will get answers! Who is blocking them from creating aazad kashmir and register in UN? And inspite of they they will name call you (if u are believer of God) as irrational, when their rationality itself questionable?

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