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Most energies used by manking do cause prejudice to "mother earth". But not that easy to renounce since less energy will bring to a kind of backward for people. It seems impossible to leave without a car, electricity, etc... An effot to develop solar energy should be done.



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methane or other greenhouse gasses, or we risk literally overheating the natural world.

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Most of the energy use cause prejudice make "earth mother". But not give up so easily because less energy will make a backward people. It seems to be impossible to leave no cars, electric power, etc... A effot development solar energy should do.

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Estoy de acuerdo con usted.

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What you have stated is beneficial to our planet. Because many people are just ignoring this important issue because they are busy with their own things or they just don't want to care at all. Great solutions should be done to correct all this.

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