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Cristina Deptula

Good to see mainstream attention to scientific and environmental issues, hopefully plenty of innovative ideas emerge which work for the planet and our economy.

I'm Cristina Deptula with Synchronized Chaos International Magazine, and we're working with author and ecologist Dr. John Berger, who's come out with the first book in his new climate science series, Climate Myths. This book examines how and why many people in the United States underestimate the urgency of dealing with global climate change, or even deny that it's occurring.

Climate Myths explains how leaders within the fossil fuel industry embarked upon a public relations campaign to downplay potential problems associated with climate change. Using strategies developed by Big Tobacco, they deflected the issue, making it seem that climate issues were inconsequential, confusing, and above all, too expensive to tackle. The book goes through each of these industry-propagated myths and common misconceptions, debunking them with real science.

However, if fossil fuel industry leaders and ordinary people accepted the challenge of developing more sustainable and efficient technologies, the research and development process could actually represent a great economic opportunity for the industry and the Western world. Dr. Berger will discuss this in more detail in his next two books, along with providing a readable climate science primer for the public.

Dr. Berger has consulted for the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, along with Fortune 500 companies and other nonprofit groups and governmental organizations, including the U.S. Congress. With a doctorate in ecology from UC Davis, he helped to launch the environmental restoration movement with his book Restoring The Earth, sharing stories of ordinary people cleaning up polluted areas and taking action for the environment where they live.

We would love to provide copies of this book for review and/or giveaway, please let us know if that would interest you. Pictures of Dr. Berger and a jpeg of the book cover are available upon request, and a press release is attached.

Thanks very much,



Toxic Mold & Tort

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