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March 15, 2010


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What about wood vs. propane?


so we should burn coal in coal stoves in our homes, to reduce losses? :-p


that's interesting. thanks for a very detailed explanation on burning wood vs using electricity.

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The thing Is i burn alder trees from my own property as they die. If left to rot they would release all of their stored Co2, plus the rotting process will create methane. So for me I think i am reducing the amount of green house gas by burning rather then letting them rot.
Is this sound thinking on me part?

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I believe many grasses are stronger sequesterers of carbon than trees anyway. All the more reason to stop chopping down forests in the first place I guess.




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it’s not as easy to regulate the heat in a wood burner as in an electric heater.

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Of course, it’s not as easy to regulate the heat in a wood burner as in an electric heater, so you could end up burning more wood than you really need, pushing your carbon footprint up.

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It’s not as easy to regulate the heat in a wood burner as in an electric heater.

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Interesting thoughts. Surely more heat is lost through combustion than electric heat, so wouldn't electric heat be more efficient in that respect and a lower carbon footprint? Especially if the electricity is generated through wind or solar this would have the effect of an almost nominal carbon footprint.


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I appreciate your indepth article. I used a wood burning stove when I lived on the farm to heat our home. I even used it for cooking sometimes. Thanks again for your excellent article.

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Yes, you can work out if electric power is cleaner than wood burning. However, how accurate are the findings. They say that fossil fuels will run out and when they do, we will have no choice but to use wind turbines etc to produce our energy. Hopefully the world will then clean itself up - can't wait.

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I got very good information burning wood actually has no carbon footprint because wood is a "bio-fuel" and a "renewable" resource, and trees that replace the tree cut for firewood will absorb the global-warming carbon dioxide given off when wood is burned. This is true in the long run, but if we're serious about global warming, there is no long run, as I've already demonstrated here. The reasoning is simple: Even one of the fastest-growing, quickest-sequestering trees that sprouts up today would require 50 years or more to absorb the carbon emitted by burning a single cord (128 cubic feet) of wood (about the amount in a foot-thick 40-foot-long log). With slower growers, we’re talking a century or so

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Alternating use would be better (only for those who have both a fireplace and a heater). But to those who only have one heat source, conserving is the best way to limit their carbon footprint.

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So explain this to me please.

In burning wood, there is a tree.
It gets cut down, and a new one planted.
Over a long time, lets call the "average amount of tree" 75%

Burning coal, you never cut down the tree.
"average amount of tree" 100%

How is this better?
And this is before we even get into things like increased other polutants in burning wood, and the fact logging is far less regulated and generally uses much less efficient methods (coal mining equipment is VERY efficient. Ever try to breathe next to a chain saw?) and transport (trains and ships vs logging trucks or Ed's Cordwood Co with it's 1978 dodge pickup).

If the growing tree is the difference, why not require coal to fund forrestation and acheive 100+% "average amount of tree"?

Kashif Shahzad

This is true in the long run, but if we're serious about global warming, there is no long run, as I've already demonstrated here.
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