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plumbing supplies

Folks are often on the lookout for ways to save money, and make their lives easier. Solar energy can be ascribed to a few different uses including electricity, heating, cooking, and much more.


Tropic plants love htuidimy, you need to put a few rocks between bottom of the planter and between the water catch all plate, bigger than the plant vase! Add water down into that area, not to be sucked up by the roots. If to close to the window now in the winter time, cold temperture may be killing it.Find its accurate dirt ph level its supposed to be at. Find the best book at the local library or here online. Maybe at times you should of put a large enough bag over it with some air in the bag put in sunshine for an hour or so, for more htuidimy to build it up. Don't over heat this way. Short time fix! Bugs may have been in dirt all along, and layed the larvae that ate the roots. So now plants is dying. Put whole thing in garbage bag like Glad bag wrap it up, twist into a tie and toss it, so all bugs die and don't breed, and infect other natural floral in your state of residents. Stick to normal household plants, good for your area!


No Green Thumb. Tropical plants like it warm and enjoy a fine mist with water at room temp. It soudns like the bugs that attacked your last plant was because there was mold in your dirt and the dirt did not get a chance to dry out thoroughly. The next time you buy a plant make sure you have the directions for care. Follow them to the T and you should be OK. Most need water once a week. Water them till it runs out the bottom then stop. As for food do not get on leaves just poor on dirt. Try again you'll get it down sooner or later. Good Luck!!


alcohol is really the best, dab a q-tip in it and reomve the mealy bugs like thatdo you have any other plants with this problem, treat them alsoyou might have the bugs in your potting soil, try pouring the soapmix in your pot but I don't like the formula given in other answertry using dishwashing liquid 1/3 cup to 1 gallon of waterstay on it and they should be gone soon

Lida daidaihua




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