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Hi, the article is so wonderful, I am interested in it. I will pay attention to your articles.


Hi, the article is so wonderful, I am interested in it. I will pay attention to your articles.


over 8 non solar hours per day in addition to the reuglar solar output. In other words 10 hours of daytime output plus 8 hours of continued output into the night with the gas firing making up the balance till the parabolic solar arrays start collecting again.CSP returns 50 megawatts per square kilometre of parabolic trough collectors. Or 20 square kilometres per gigawatt. Extra collectors are used to augment the heat storage for the night time period.If you do the sums on it you will see that all of Australia's electricity can be produced from CSP, geothermal and wind power with CCGT providing overpeak and backup capacity. The entire system can be installed before 2050 and funded from a simple 20% levy on retail electricity rates without any other tax burden at all. Even without global warming this would be a desireable Nation Building project with the objective of stretching the life of fossil fuel reserves. The period to build such an energy structure provides more than sufficient time for the coal producers to recover their investments as the coal use progressively declines.Rudd is very much playing the con, and the victim is the Australian public. It will not end well.Your clear vision is reassuring. Only another 10 million people to get onto the same page!


They are big Chris, but the ones I've seen are truly not that noisy. I think that Guardian article you lneikd to Robert is interesting, a range of legit concerns (peat destruction etc), and bollocks, e.g it would significantly affect a fifth of the main island's desolate interior and industrialise the landscape. It is both cheaper and less destructive to reduce energy need and waste, rather than cover the wild landscapes that define Scotland and its people with wind turbines. Those landscapes are only like that because you cut down _all_ the trees centuries ago. They're about as natural' as Nicole Kidman's forehead (though equally desolate. heh).Furthermore as demonstrated Chris, no one is living near these windmills, and it's the same with the ones at Sandy Point, they're a good km away from the nearest habitation, and not near any large numbers.I think people need to ask what's more important saving the planet, or saving a few acres which will be mostly unchanged, and which he have plenty more of? For me the answer is clear, back yard or no. It's not like these are going up in true wilderness areas, or endangered biohabits.


The “research” money is a scam and a smokescreen Yes, ineded. But foremost it is a stalling tactic. Standard government performance avoidance, commission a report, initiate research,,,,,etc. we can't start until we have all of the facts!! This buys a clear space to get past the next election.However, in this case, notice the language being formed up. gearing up for green jobs' , without any definiton as to what nature they will take is pre election speak for wait to see what good things we have coming in our next term ,leading into the big plunge into Clean Coal .Underhanded is the word. Rudd is again trying to play the green card with a looming early election, you have to turn it over to see that it is black on the other side.

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