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2012 Timberland

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.


Your problem is cenliarty not unique, though I understand the frustrations. Sadly we have to add so many chemicals to our water supply to make it potable, that even beyond a natural Hardness including calcium, iron, and other elements present in the water; we are prone to stains and buildup. It is a maintenance issue cenliarty, and one that probably should be addressed after each shower. Certainly there are many valid answers and suggestions here; I'll just add my two cents. I use Clear Shower, and it's adequate, after every shower. If a build up should occur I've also used single edged razor blades to scrape the deposits; as well as those spun plastic scrubbers like one uses for washing dishes. One suggestion that would be costly would be filtration, and/or a water softener. Another is to allow VENTING from the bathroom, especially after a shower to release steam, help dry the water on the doors, and cool the bathroom down. On an empathic note; many of us endure the same problem; and it's a major reason why so many after shower chemicals are sold today. A Home remedy would be Vinegar and a scrunge .

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