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Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal , there is no secure direction ; without direction , there is no life .


- I knew I was going to love these when I saw a sneak peek on Instagram I think it was. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, Holli. I wish you could do my senior pceturis!! These really are mind-blowing. I just wanna look at them for hours. Okay, that's creepy, but I just think they're lovely!


If Roy Williams won two national chsmaionphips and 250 games in the next 10 years then yes you would have to consider him in this conversation. The wins won't be a problem, it's whether or not he has 10 more years in the tank.It's not just that Coach K has 4 national chsmaionphips, it's also the fact that by the end of 2010 he's going to have more wins than Dean Smith. He's only 12 behind now. Smith reached 879 in 36 years and next year will be Coach K's 36th.So if you make the assumption that Duke can win 12 games next year (even you Heelsfan you concede that), then Coach K will become second all-time in both wins and chsmaionphips. (He would be 23 wins behind Bobby Knight; who coached 42 seasons. That record should easily drop by the end of 2011. And he would be tied at 4 chsmaionphips with Adolph Rupp and 6 behind John Wooden).You've read my feelings on Rupp and Wooden's chsmaionphips; did you know UCLA only had to win TWO games to make the Final Four each of its 10 championship years. You also know how I feel about the way they ran their program. Duke has been clean for the 30-years Coach K has been around.So Heelsfan, if it's not Coach K then who is it? I cant see where people are saying John Wooden, but even if I conceded that notion Coach K has to be number 2.

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the SSC hopes to show the school that if we are ready to stop burning coal on campus, we should make certain that we are not funding the coal industry either.

Andrew Hayes

They should first ask themselves how they preserve the energy and what they do for the environment personally


green energy is always the best

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