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February 25, 2009


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Wow! That's a stagering amount of wasted fuel and huge impact on our environment. Great read.

Mini Greenhouses

The drive through really is terrible, it makes our society lazy and useless. Not to mention a drain on fuel as well as our environment, nice post. I enjoyed this very much! Go Green!


I've always wondered about this. No I wonder how much fuel is spent at stop lights.

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That's horrible. I have always gone in when purchasing fast food just because I thought it was easier. Now I no longer eat fast food at all.

Pati Hays-Gutzat

You forgot to mention drive-thru windows for banks and pharmacies. Fast food drive-thru aren't the only culprits... It's too easy for people to feel self-righteous about not eating fast food, but important to recognize that doing one's banking or picking up one's meds use just as much gas, not to mention the pollution an idling engine contributes into our atmostphere.


I'm not convinced, I don't think this has been thought through. Without the drive-thru, establishments would need a bigger building to accomodate larger lineups. They would also need more parking. Both impact the carbon footprint of the establishment.

There are also solutions....for example, making the drivethrough a downward incline so you can turn off the engine and coast your way through the line.

In my town they are begiinning to talk about drivethrough bans, meanwhile they are installing left turn signals all over town that force people to sit idling at a green light....duh!

Anyway, drive-thru's are but a tiny fraction of the fuel we waste. Save fuel by walking more often.


Don't blame this on the establishments, it is strictly the fault of a population that is defined by their own laziness. If you are going to eat that slop, at least get out of your vehicle and walk the 50 feet to the order line.


Why do you think The Netherlands is so clean. They only have a few drive through's in the entire country, all McD's. They also have thousands of Round-a-bouts instead of four-way intersections so there's no waiting for a light to turn green.

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The numbers are crazy! I just can't believe it! Good that we have all these great environmental changes coming up to save us from all this waste and pollution.

Bucket Trucks USA

Alright, let's fix it right now...no drive-thru's OR stop lights...or stop signs. Roadway anarchy!

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30 billion gallons of gas? It's terrible.

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McDonalds is the biggest fast food company.

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The drive-through is sure not a good idea when it comes to environmental issues.
Fuel is being wasted and also a great chance of road littering - It's not a smart idea at all.

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I'm a fan of Drive-Through only if the use of it is a must thing - like in traveling with a time limit and stuff like that. Anyhow, I believe that the main thing in D.T is the car itself, and no the D.T, anyhow..

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M Gilbreath

I was riding my bike around a shopping center this morning and there was a Starbucks with a long line of cars(12) in the drive-through lane. I stopped and timed the line and it was taking 12 minutes for a car in the back to reach the window! What a waste!!!

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Don't like drive-through myself. Always thought it just as easy to stop the car, get out and walk in. Mainly because I also like to think about what I am going to buy, and not have to rush through it speaking into a speaker.

April from Bakersfield

Drive-through does have a long idle time, but it's probably not so considerable compared to being stuck in traffic. A better solution is public transportation, instead of so many personal vehicles.

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Go on youtube and watch song from Disturbed- Another way to die, Awesome song about global warming

Eric from Los Angeles

Talking about fuel, the price just hits $110 today....

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It's a pretty horrendous example of modern-day society, and I'm pleased that here in the UK, we seem to be moving away from it rather than towards. Saying that, I think the poor food choice is more to blame for people's health issues than the short walk one could make going from their car to the restaurant itself.

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It's definitely a bit of a recipe for disaster (burning fuel, people getting zero exercise whilst they eat awful food etc etc) but let's face it; this is supply and demand! No consumers equals no drivethru...

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The drive-through is sure not a good idea when it comes to environmental issues.http://www.newadirondackchairplans.org

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If China and India, which is also jumping aboard the drive-through bandwagon, get up to speed, they can idle away a truly staggering figure: 30 billion gallons of gas. Every year.

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you can count with me, just tell me where I can made some donation or send some help, I like when a person that person take the situation in their own hands, and deciced to act in this way, kudos to you!

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